About us

Feds / Opes Danza is an organization founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting all-round sporting activity, in all its forms and at all levels (professional, amateur and amateur). The mission that inspires and unifies the daily work of Feds / Opes Danza is to place the wellbeing of the person, understood in its entirety, at the center of all its projects and initiatives. The institution has been recognized by Coni for several years and in the course of its long experience in the sports sector it has become a propeller, promoter and organizer of numerous athletic and recreational events throughout the country.
Feds / Opes Danza actively collaborates with numerous affiliated sports associations, together with which it supports the practice and the exercise of different motor activities. The major areas in which Feds / Opes Danza is active are artistic dance, sports dance, amateur sports, sports activities for social promotion and extra-school training.
In addition, Feds / Opes Danza deals with the organization and coordination of internships, competitions and sports dance championships at the provincial, regional and national level, aimed at all instructors and all the students of the affiliated schools.
These activities mainly concern the following disciplines: standard dances, Latin American dances, Caribbean dances, jazz dances, Argentine dances, street dances, regional dances, choreographic dances, academic dances, national style dances, vintage dances, country dances.
Another sector in which Feds / Opes Danza is very active and has gained a long experience in the course of its activity, is the organization of training courses, aimed at dance teachers and recognized nationally.