Events and Competitions 2018/2019 Totally Free.

From the new academic year 2018/2019, Opes Danza has in store many novelties for all those dance schools that last year have relied on us for the growth and improvement of their students; after the great opportunity offered by the Opes Danza to have for the next season the artistic direction of Maestro José Perez at the various facilities, with the teacher’s constant participation in person in the initiatives organized by you.

A new opportunity is given to all those who follow us already and who will decide to do it in the next year:

from the new academic year
to the public


and you have read very well all the initiatives organized by our institution starting from the new season will be free thanks to an agreement reached by the internal organization that also works in the summer months and tries to develop the innovations that go to promote even more sport and in particular dance.

The dance is life and we are really convinced of this, and it is for this reason that after numerous meetings the Opes Danza has decided to give this great opportunity. Is not it more beautiful when a boy or even the youngest in a competition or in a race have their own team of supporters there?

Parents, relatives, teachers and friends, from the next event on will have the opportunity to participate in a totally free, because there is nothing more beautiful than sharing an experience.

This project will lead to an enhancement of the families that can be present at every event, coming to experience first-hand the student’s experience that will feel even more spurred on by having his loved ones in the public.

It was not easy to come to this type of mode but we understood that when a student goes on stage or on the track he needs to have as a viewer who believes in him and who allowed him to be there at that time; it would be useless to think of creating the magic of the exhibition without anyone being able to help you, do not you think?

This project will lead to greater peace of mind for our events to all participants, especially those who make so many sacrifices to be able to realize the dream of those who finally cross the threshold of the stage.

After this news we interviewed the three leaders who fought the most to achieve this result:

Alfonso, Enrico and Gioia Di Prisco have put their body and soul into this project in construction since last year.

The three have reported to be very satisfied with this agreement, in particular they have argued that knowing the not too favorable conditions of those who today seeks with the nails and teeth to support the dreams of the boys and to carry on the world of dance are proud to be successful, thanks to the support of the many dance schools that rely on Opes Danza, to achieve this goal.

There are still many projects about to be launched for the next seasons and many others will be the facilities that Opes Danza wants to give to its followers.

Hoping to do our best, we look forward to our TOTALLY FREE * initiatives to the public.

* Payment for the public is reserved, only for events called EXTRA.



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