Medical visits? Opes Danza takes care of it

Among all the advantages of affiliate to the Opes Danza there is also the possibility to make, directly at your facility, the obligatory medical visits.

The ministerial decrees concerning competitive and non-competitive sports support that, in Italy, all athletes who practice physical activity must undergo a careful and accurate clinical examination.

Sports medical examinations are essential to assess the health condition of all those who practice physical activity and the issue of the certificate will allow the athlete to carry out the selected sports activity in total safety.

The sports medical examination must be carried out by the doctor specialized in sports medicine in a very careful manner, evaluating all the apparatus and organs. It must include a series of investigations based on:

cardiovascular evaluation: cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, blood pressure measurement, basic electrocardiogram, stress electrocardiogram;
anthropometric evaluation (weight, height), postural evaluation, evaluation of general mobility (upper limb, lower limb, rachis)
The sports medical examination therefore acts as a prevention against any risks to which the athlete is exposed; it is particularly useful in the age group of children and adolescents and therefore between 6 and 18 years, when there are many physiological transformations induced by the growth.

The visits made by the doctors who collaborate with Opes Danza are 360 ​​° visits that take into account not only the state of well-being at the time of sight but above all the type of subject analyzed (sedentary lifestyle, diet, weekly frequency of sport practiced); the work of our doctors goes hand in hand with that of the coach who has to worry about planning a workout appropriate to the possibilities and needs of the athlete.

In conclusion, the sports medical examination represents not only an indispensable and unique monitoring but also represents an instrument for the prescription of physical exercise, aimed at the well-being and attainment of the best physical form, for the planning of the athletic season.

The athlete’s health derives from the fact that he follows in a very accurate correct diet, an adequate training program, night rest and above all recovery between the various phases of the training and between the competitions.

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