Milan-Moma Studios. Excellent Milanese Company Affiliate Opes Danza.

It is precisely love for the dance world that pushes Opes Danza to renew every year our agreements with those who really deserve and with whom year by year chooses to join us as an institution for their own initiatives.

Today we present you the Milanese “MOMA STUDIOS” excuse that our National Responsible Enrico Di Prisco is keen to thank for the continuous collaborations.

It’s about 5 years that this synergy is continuous, even because Opes Danza, relies on Moma Studios for some high-level professional courses.

Who is Moma Studios?

In 2004 MOMA STUDIOS was born as a dance school, then as a multifaceted brand that includes a clothing line from 2008, and finally in 2010 as Accademie Moma.
Today Moma Studios is a guarantee of excellence and quality in every facet, from the production of textiles to the training of professional dancers, passing through the creation of a program of courses for amateur users of exceptional level.

A strong point is represented by the cast of teachers, of fame and competence and above all guided by dedication and love for teaching ..

Moma Studios has always been at the forefront of discovering, promoting and cultivating the talent and artistic passion of the youngest, for this reason it has created academies that welcome pupils of different age groups: 2 pre-academies are created for teenagers who are still busy with the compulsory school who want to live their dream with dance, preparing themselves to the best to then enter the Academy for excellence and later in the world of work.

First of all, but not for importance, but for the level of commitment and training it provides, it is Momacademy.

Momacademy is a path dedicated to the newest urban and street style disciplines. It provides for the study of disciplines in both theoretical and practical depth. This academy focuses exclusively on urban disciplines, with the aim of training professional dancers with a level of preparation that is well in-depth in this area. The multidisciplinary approach allows multifaceted and versatile training to benefit students in their integration into the world of work. From the first year of study, our students will have the opportunity to tread the stage and perform in front of a real audience.
The Momacademy project this year presents some news: the academic lectures will be held 4 days a week, according to a program that includes technical and choreographic study, theoretical and practical. Finally, we decided to dedicate a whole day to the creation of a crew and to work in a group: an opportunity for the students to dance together, experiment, compete with the competition in the field of dance. A cast of outstanding teachers and freestylers, coming from the Italian and international scene, will provide excellent quality training.
Mac was born to allow young students still struggling with the school to follow their passion for dance and start to build the road to a professional career. For this reason, the training is organized in three afternoons a week, according to a program entirely designed for teenagers: the study of urban-oriented disciplines from techniques to choreographic work, from theoretical to practical notions. The goal is to enable students to cultivate their talents by preparing them for entry into the professional Academy, through a thorough and complete study of street styles.

Mood is the Moma academy with a contemporary address for students of all ages. The intention is to train dancers who find their main language in contemporary dance, studying techniques that also derive from other disciplines such as classical dance, modernity, contamination. It is an academy designed for those who, for study or work commitments, can not devote themselves to the study of full-time dance: three afternoons a week with high-level teachers from the national and international artistic scene.

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