Training Courses

Feds / Opes Danza organizes training courses throughout Italy for those who want to become a qualified teacher.

The training courses provided allow participants to teach in dance schools and sports centers and to obtain a diploma recognized by CONI, in compliance with the laws in force, which establish the titles that have a legal validity for the completion of the Instructor, Teacher and Trainer. The diploma is issued after the supermanto of a final exam and is valid for the purposes of tax breaks for amateur sports. For an in-depth analysis of the tax benefits provided for, reference should be made to Law 342/2000, which deals exhaustively with the issue of fees paid by amateur sports associations to its employees.

The courses organized by Feds / Opes Danza allow you to become a qualified teacher of all recognized dance disciplines.

In order to keep up-to-date with the latest courses in the program, we recommend that you visit this section often where you can view an updated calendar.


Two days of training to become a Hiit Ballet Trainer.

A new stage for your professionalism: the classical and technological method born in the dance world, created by the étoile and choreographer Jose Perez, is the ideal outlet for those who aspire to a wider audience.

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Date and duration: 2 days, 18 and 19 November 2017 from 9.30 to 16.30 Place: Merate, province of Lecco at Dance Club Merate Trainer: Jose Perez At the end of the course the HIIT BALLET TRAINER certificate will be issued. Unique 2017 course in Northern Italy. About 20 seats available.

Course value: € 340.00 (Special Discount for Opes Danza Participants)

Requirements to become a Hiit Ballet Trainer:

Given the very nature of the Hiit Ballet methodology, the dancers are the best candidates for the course. The certification of Hiit Ballet Trainer allows you to practice in gyms and dance schools throughout Italy and offer different courses, adaptable to multiple targets:

  • CHILDREN AND BEGINNERS. Hiit Ballet can be inserted since the first years of the didactic dance path, because it facilitates the learning of the technique.
  • PROFESSIONAL DANCERS and NOT. Hiit Ballet feeds ambition and passion, improves strength, flexibility, balance, resistance to fatigue, concentration. It is a fundamental support in the improvement of the technique.
  • WHO LOVES FITNESS, and is fasting dance. In its FIT declination is the best way to achieve physical fitness quickly, having fun in music time. The proprioceptive platforms offer 25% more calorie expenditure compared to ground exercises. It is also sicoro and absolutamnete innoquoono for the joints.
  • HIIT BALLET is not just ballet: the methodology APPLIES TO ANY KIND OF DANCE.

The HIIT BALLET techniques on Human Tecar Mat proprioceptive platforms were taken advantageously by different dance bodies and large theaters – for example, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and many theaters, schools and academies. The technology used – Human Tecar – is used all over the world, in sports and physiotherapy of the highest level.

José Perez, proprioception, Human Tecar technology.

José does not need presentation for those who, like you, live the dance world; for the same reason, you will know well the proprioceptive training.

The Human Tecar Mat proprioceptive platforms – are made up of a set of surfaces of variable dimensions, developed and patented internationally. They create different levels of density and instability, simulating natural terrains to be tackled barefoot. The path forces the body to recover its balance at all times, through proprioceptive exercise. It multiplies the effects of training (it is essential, for example, in working on the points) and at the same time, it protects tendons and joints, preventing injuries, thanks to the unique biomechanical characteristics of Human Tecar Mat.


Are there any ID or minimum age requirements to access the event? The course is open to people over 18.

What are the transport / parking options for the event? The nearest train station is Cernusco Merate. The course venue is about 10-15 minutes from the station. For those who reach us by car, the headquarters has ample free parking.

What can I bring to the event? Comfortable clothes. The practical lesson takes place barefoot.