Why affiliate with OPES DANZA?

For all the Amateur Associations or Sports Societies, affiliate means to become part of the sports organization.
Affiliation is the act by which sports associations / clubs acquire the complex of rights and obligations arising from administrative, disciplinary, economic and legal regulations concerning sports in the national sport.
The above named must affiliate to a Sports Promotion Organization recognized by CONI so that it can proceed to the registration in the National Register of Associations and Amateur Sports Societies.

The OPES (ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATION AT SPORT) is a sports promotion body recognized by the cones that promotes and organizes, non-profit, in collaboration with the affiliated sports associations, numerous athletic and recreational initiatives, local, provincial and national;

OPES DANZA, promotes the practice of motor sports activities, with a main focus on sports and non-sports dance, and amateur sports activities, social promotion and extra-school education of the person;

OPES DANZA organizes training courses for the achievement of the DIPLOMA for Masters of Dance in all its disciplines, recognized by the Italian laws in force;

Affiliations for associations and clubs start with insurance coverage from the first of September to the thirty-first of August of the following year;

The affiliations for the Associations with Administration start from the first of January until the thirty-first of December of the current year.

OPES DANZA organizes competitions, championships and events with national and international character, in Italy and abroad.

Affiliation and Insurance Membership;
RCT / RCO insurance of the association office;
Registration on the Coni Register and the Siae Convention, on all the musical rights for your activities;
Autonomy in the transcription of Data (Credentials to Access the System);
Release of SNAQ National Diplomas;
Medical Sports Visits Convened at your Associate Seat;
Consultancy and first Fiscal and Free Legal assistance;
End-of-Year Academic Exams in your Associate office with professionals and certificate issue Valid as school credit points;
Training courses Blsd Recognized valid for 2 years according to law;
Conventions for Purchase Defibrillators;
Release of Certification of Participation in the Events for the purposes of the Law Prior to the documents of the association.


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